Past Events


Decoding Breast Cancer Challenges

3rd October 2020

“Decoding Breast Cancer Challenges - a step towards saving lives” workshop was a great success.
A big Thank You to Dr. Lopamudra Das Roy for a great informative and interactive session explaining the causes and effects of cancer. Her tips about self examinations and healthy lifestyle choices will definitely help in prevention and early detection that can save many lives.
We had very active participants in the workshop, with many of them asking questions and clarifying doubts about breast cancer and shared their experiences with the group. Every question was great input and very thoughtful.
A big shout-out to Dr Lopa and Breast Cancer Hub Corporation for working on such a noble cause to help create awareness, breaking taboos and saving many lives.
Below are some wonderful resources that she shared with us, that could help with early detection and prevention of breast cancer. Breast Self Exam card link. You can download it in any of the 18 available languages.
In this article by Dr. Lopamudra Das Roy, learn about specific foods that can help curb inflammation and reduce the risk of cancer.

International Day of Yoga

20th June 2020

1. Yoga with Shakthi Leaders
To commemorate this day and encourage the practice of yoga, Shakthi Leaders shared their favorite yoga poses in the form of photos and short video clips. These were brought together in a video compilation and shared on our Facebook page.
2. Compassion Contagious - Collaborative Event
Shakthi Corporation collaborated with Heartfulness Meditation to promote a global, virtual live event of music, meditation and yoga - Compassion Contagious. The Heartfulness Institute along with the Ministry of AYUSH organized this global virtual live event of music, Yoga and meditation with well-known musicians, and with Yogrishi Baba Ramdev and Kamlesh Patel, the Guide of Heartfulness.
#internationaldayofyoga #yogaday


16th June 2020

Shakthi Corporation created a fundraiser to help feed hungry families during this Covid situation. Thanks for our wonderful donors – Sreenivas Alishala (Ecom Solutions), Ambition International (Blisstree), Ezhilarasan Balasubramanian, Jerry Louis, Sahithi Mudigonda, Rajitha Pedada, Navin Rajan, Balamurugan Seethe, Viji Suresh, Sukanthi Sridhar, Nidiya Gaspar, and Laks Dance School for their generosity.
We appreciate Community Shelter of Union County and all the volunteers for the amazing work they are doing supporting the community in these difficult times.
Shakthi team met with Jeff Rogers, Development Director of Community Shelter of Union County and handed over the check for $1100. Shakthi Corporation is privileged and happy to be a part of Covid relief support.

Webinar on Pregnancy & Birth

11th April 2020

Birthing during a pandemic in a culturally different environment with little or no family around can be quite difficult. By having an overall picture of how pregnancy and birth happens in the US and how pandemic has changed some aspects of it it and getting prepared for it does help in gaining the confidence to face the challenges. This session helps young parents get ready to face the uncertainties of birthing amidst covid-19.

Help pregnant women group

3rd April 2020

Shakthi has recently launched a group to help pregnant women who because of the pandemic are handling this phase without help or support of family members.

Art of Parenting

8th Feb 2020

Art of parenting workshop conducted by Shakthi Corporation hosted a reputed panel of speakers who shared their expertise on various aspects of parenting.
Dr. Kalpana Shanmugam, Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist took us on a journey through the different stages of growth and development of kids across age groups, helping us understand how they undergo changes physically and emotionally.
Radhika Unnithan, a Clinical Psychologist enacted an interesting skit with Mrs. Bhuvana Raj about how to communicate with children. She also gave clarifications on puberty and behavioral problems of teens during the parents Q&A section.
Rashmili Vemula shared her experience being raised as an American Indian child and brought out the viewpoint of all the kids who are trying to strike a balance between the two cultures. It was very eye-opening to parents to see things from a kid’s point of view.
Kaelia Frazier, a Student Counselor at Park Montessori School answered questions from parents on communicating with children, monitoring safe use of the internet, identifying bullying, and how to encourage (and not criticize) your children as they try to speak in their native language. She also talked about the different ways students can approach counselling services at school.
HD Shah, a Financial Coach shared details about financial support and college saving plan to help parents learn how to prepare themselves for the future. His topics of discussion covered rising tuition costs, college debts, college savings calculator, loans and financial aid.
Healthy snacks and dinner were served by volunteers.



6th October 2019

An introduction to basic photography skills presented by Professional Photographer, Grace Angel.
Grace encouraged participants to get off the auto-mode and try the basic features of camera use with manual settings. She introduced the combination and usage of aperture, shutter speed, lighting, types of lenses. She used PowerPoint slides to show information and encouraged participants to experiment with the settings on their cameras.
As a practice assignment, participants were asked to take two pictures each of the aperture mode and shutter speed mode with ambient light, and share with the group. Two participants were offered an opportunity to intern with Grace at one of her professional shoots.
Although participants varied in current skills levels, ranging from beginners to a few experienced ones, everyone learnt something new that they could apply. The group planned to meet for a follow up practice session outdoors in a park.
Complimentary snacks and tea were provided for participants.

Health Workshop

23rd March 2019

Stress induced heart illnesses are a mounting problem in our society today. To tackle this issue and bring awareness, Shakthi organized a Health Workshop to provide tools to people to manage stress in their daily lives.
Our speakers gave an insight into various aspects of health and lifestyle choices that affect stress in our lives: Viji Suresh on benefits of yoga, Tesia Love on Stress Management through Ayurveda, Dr. Lopamudra Das Roy on Breast Cancer awareness, Padmaja Bingu on the Heartfulness Way of Meditation, Dr. Maria Peter on signs and symptoms of Cardiac arrest/heart attack, and William Michael Lippard on CPR. The presentations were followed by practice sessions of layman CPR.
Shakthi’s collaborative partners – Breast Cancer Hub, Heartfulness Foundation and Kiran Inc. were introduced along with the work they do.
We appreciate our event sponsors: Bawarchi Indian Grill, Best Brains Learning Centers, Sithara Indian Restaurant, Laura Garcia Aromatherapy, Eye Level Fort Mill, Shalini Sounderrajan- Realtor, and Karamjit Kaur & Dinesh Sharma of New York Life.
Media Partner for live event telecast:


27th October 2019

Shakthi Corporation helped the students and staff at Park Road Montessori celebrate Diwali in great style and to immerse themselves in an authentic Indian cultural experience. We organized an Indian clothing drive and brought the donations over to the school. Students and staff got to pick out traditional outfits to wear. They decorated the hallways and classroom entrances with pretty flower rangolis. The school organized for Henna artists to make beautiful designs for students and staff who were interested. Shakthi leaders visited the school to take part in their celebration.



20th April 2020

Shakthi Corporation organized an awareness event for parents on laws, processes, parental rights, child custody, and child protection services in America, more particularly in North Carolina.
Our expert speakers on the panel:
Tony Reno and Amy Baswell, CMPD officer and Detective V. Fiallos, CMPD Domestic Violence Unit, spoke about physical abuse and sexual abuse, how to connect with the authorities and the protocol to call 911. Parents responsibilities in preventing abuse were discussed.
Betty Hooper, Social Work Supervisor-Mecklenburg County office and County Attorney Twyla Hollingsworth explained CPS- child protective services, DSS services and other Federal agencies and their polices on child abuse and domestic violence. She also gave an insight into NC laws, the role of social workers in rehabilitation. and how to report child abuse via fax and calls.
Dr. Kalpana Shanmugam, Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist, presented information on emotional abuse and physical abuse of children. She discussed how screening and referral helps in early detection and treatment and can help children with anxiety problems, post traumatic assessment and psychiatric assessment.
Speakers also provided a Q&A session for parents and shared parenting tips.
Healthy snacks were served to attendees. Child care service was offered by Shakthi volunteers for parents who attended the session.