About Us

Nidiya Gaspar is the Founder and President of Shakthi Corporation. The co-founders are Leeli Priya, Vimala Kariappan, Rohini Sivamani, Sripriya Krishna, Sukanthi Sridhar and Bhuvana Raj.

How did it start?

As an immigrant, Nidiya faced a range of challenges when she first came to this country at the age of 22. These challenges included language barriers, cultural differences, transportation(driving skills), difficulty adjusting to the customs and social norms, lack of support systems(no family/friends), racism, difficulty understanding laws and regulations, education system, lack of understanding of the job market, stress and fear. Despite these challenges, she was able to push herself out of her comfort zone and actively work to adapt to her new environment. She created a support system for herself and other immigrants in the community, and her goal is to share her knowledge and experiences to help other immigrants who are new to this country. This drive and determination led her to establish "Shakthi Corporation", a non-profit organization that aims to empower and support Asian immigrant women in the Greater Charlotte area.

Community Life:

Nidiya's deep understanding of the unique challenges and obstacles faced by immigrant women has enabled her to effectively implement programs and services that address these issues. Her leadership and passion for the cause has resulted in the organization achieving significant impact in the community, improving the lives of many immigrants. Her ability to bridge the gap between immigrant women and the resources available in this country is truly commendable and a testament to her strength and resilience. With many years of experience working with immigrant rights and advocacy, Nidiya has made a positive difference to thousands of families. In addition to her work, Nidiya serves as a board member of a non-profit ("UIC") that unites diverse cultures in Charlotte, NC. She actively volunteers with "Carolina Women in Tech", "Pink Mentor Network" and "Breast Cancer Hub" demonstrating her unwavering commitment to community service and the empowerment of women.

Personal Life:

Nidiya Gaspar is a wife, mother of two children, and caregiver for her elderly parents. Her spouse Lawrence Gaspar, provides huge support and her children Neal Gaspar and Nila Gaspar exhibit understanding and has compromised on their fun time with their mom in order to assist others. Her Kids were only 4 and 7 when Shakthi was in process. She has proven to be a role model in time management and balance.

Professional Life:

Nidiya Gaspar is an exceptional Technology Executive expert who has made a significant impact both personally and professionally. With over 18 plus years of experience in the field of Technology and Finance, she held key leadership roles and managed global teams. Nidiya believes strongly in diversity and has a proven track record in creating a workplace culture that promotes confidence, character, and well-being. She leads by example and is approachable, fostering an environment where team members feel comfortable coming to her with their concerns and ideas. Nidiya's strategic thinking, innovation, and management skills have resulted in 40% cost savings, bridging gaps, facilitating billion dollar revenue and hundreds of huge client wins for the fortune 500 companies she worked for. Additionally, she mentored growing leaders and women and built a vibrant innovative team from scratch utilizing the local talent from Charlotte. She is now an entrepreneur offering real estate services in the Charlotte area and other cities.


Nidiya started a social media group (MM) back in 2017 to help immigrant women living in Charlotte. Through that platform she identified like minded women who were passionate about helping other women. She joined hands with these amazing women and together started serving the immigrant community.