Past Events


International Day of Yoga with Heartfulness

20th June 2020

Uniting Hearts on International Day of Yoga.

Fund Raising

16th June 2020

Shakthi Corporation raised $1100 for the benefit of the Union County Community Shelter which provides food and shelter to the homeless people of Union County.

Webinar on Pregnancy & Birth

11th April 2020

Event description

Help pregnant women group

3rd April 2020

Shakthi has recently launched a group to help pregnant women who because of the pandemic are handling this phase without help or support of family members.

Art of Parenting

8th Feb 2020

The Art of Parenting workshop was conducted by Shakthi to provide guidance to South East Asian parents on various aspects of parenting.

Mothers day event (FB)

For Mother’s Day, Shakthi organized a contest on its Facebook page where members had to write about either the best gift they received from their kids or the best thing they learned from their own mother’s.


Photography Basics

6th October 2019

A photography workshop by Grace Angel, professional photographer was organized by Shakthi to teach the basics of DSLR and the art of taking pictures.

Health Workshop

23rd March 2019

Stress induced heart illnesses are a mounting problem in our society today. To tackle this issue and provide tools to people to manage stress in their daily lives Shakthi organized a Health Workshop.

Diwali Celebrations

27th October 2019

Shakthi leaders helped the students and staff at Park Road Montessori celebrate Diwali in great style and to immerse themselves in an authentic Indian cultural experience.


Awareness event

20th April 2020

An awareness event throwing light on parent rights, laws, processes of child custody and child protection services in this country was organized by Shakthi for the community.