Health starts with healthy eating. "We are" what we eat and think.

Healthy Eating:

Healthy eating can be a relative term. I may be thinking I am eating healthy while another person could think otherwise. As you continue reading please be mindful of the above sentence. This is a Journey and we have to figure out what works for you and your family. We have shared simple solutions with a touch of our culture.

Most Important points to be considered for eating healthy are:
  1. To avoid or decrease processed food in any form.
  2. Carefully reading the ingredients and understand what it means. If it is hard for you to say the ingredient, then research it thru before buying it.
  3. Try to buy from local vendors and farmers.
  4. Eat home cooked food from scratch.
  5. Bless the food as you cook for yourself and your family.

How to help kids eat healthy?

Getting the kids to eat healthy is every parent's wish. But the truth is it must start from the parents. The first step is for the parents to eat healthy. Diet changes or food habit changes must be done as a family. While smoothies and salads are the best way to get full source of the raw vegetables. So, masking has always been my secret for getting the vegetables intake for your kids. Few of the secrets that are shared below from other moms:

  1. Vegetable Puree – grind vegetables for Sambar or Chutneys.
  2. Educate kids on what is healthy. Choose one vegetable that you cook that day and explain kids the nutrition info. Pack the same veg for lunch and kids will be proud to share the nutrition facts to their friends and eat them as well.
  3. Have kids help you with cooking and cutting.
  4. Make different shapes using your innovative ideas or use cookie cutters to attract kids.
  5. Dosas and Idlies: This the quick and easy way to mask the vegetables. * Puree/grate/chop the cooked vegetables like carrot, beets, greens, zucchini, squash, radish [if your kid can take the smell] and adding to the batter. You can also add powdered nuts to this if your kid doesn’t eat nuts.
  6. Sambar or chutneys are also another great way to mask vegetables in the food. For example, instead of making regular onion tomato chutney, you can add a grated zucchini to that when you sauté them. Any squash, carrot or even radish would be a great choice for this. If a kid tends to only dip on the watery part of sambar and never try to take the vegetables added, grinding them would be a great way to get a portion of them in.
  7. Pasta sauces are another great way to mask the vegetables. We can mask most of the vegetables in them including avocados.
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We'll keep adding more ideas and recipes to this page. Keep visiting us.